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Jennifer Brown

A friendly greeting to all who are joining me in this path to better health and wellness. I am Jennifer Brown and I am a health blogger. Over the time in life we have reached a part in life where we have no time for ourselves. But now I wish to help bring a little change in everyone's life. A change that will lead to better health. I have always loved writing and I have always felt there is a different happiness in helping a person heal and feel better. So, this is how I chose my path to become a health blogger.

Over the years I have gone through a number of books and have collected information through my time in college, books, and science journals and inter surfing. I hope this journey that we are taking together towards better health will help in improving the quality of life that we are currently living. 


 Our Aim

Our aim is to make people aware of living a healthy life. Making a certain lifestyle changes can bring in a major different in the health of a person. We will also talk about mental health and try to remove all the stigmas that are associated with it.  

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